March 22, 2019

Despite the fact that many Muslims pray, not all Muslims look forward to the Prayer. The majority prays to tick the box.

This attitude deprives one of the greatest blessings of prayer; namely that Allah (swt) loves to be with you.

If someone likes to meet God, then God will like to meet him-her and if someone doesn’t like to meet God, then God won’t like to meet him-her.

Mohammed – the blessed and praised one | Musnad al_Humaydi, N.225

Prayer has everything to do with meeting God; this encounter is the culmination of one’s existence and the greatest honor:

And We honored the children of Adam.

Quran 17:70

The fact that prayer was imposed is the very proof that God loves us. He does not simply proposed us to connect with Him; rather He obliged us. This is how much He loves meeting us.

It is therefore our responsibility to ask ourselves how much we love meeting Him.

  • Are we looking forward to our prayers?
  • Are our hearts connected with our prayers – the meeting with our Maker

Prayer must be of paramount importance, it must be cherished and protected by our soul.

And those who protect their prayers.

Quran 23:2

is in my knowledge the most accurate interpretation of the second verse from chapter al_Muminun. The more you love something, the better you will protect it.

Asking how strongly you look forward to pray is the same as asking: how intensely do you look forward to meeting God Almighty.

The advice that I give myself – in the first place – and you – in the second – is to work on loving prayer by increasing in knowledge about prayer, and also about the One for whom we pray.

About the author 

Imam Van Ael is the founder of the Ark of knowledge and the former chaplain of London School of Economics, Imperial College, and SOAS, and Professor at University for Applied Sciences Rotterdam. His main interest is connecting people to God Almighty through the Book and the Sunna, through traditional knowledge within a contemporary framework.

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