Nowhere to Go


May 23, 2019

Where will we go in this life, if we don’t go towards the One we will eventually end up going to for an eternity?

And flee towards Allah!

God Almighty

He did not say what we have to run from. Not mentioning what we need to flee away from makes this sentence so much stronger. It means that we need to run away from EVERYTHING which stops us from fleeing towards Allah. And the only thing which stops us from running away from Allah is prayer. In prayer, we run away from everything, even from our own passions and desires to direct ourselves entirely to Allah Almighty. This is why prayer is so important. It is bringing into practice a Divine command:

Flee towards Allah!

About the author 

Imam Van Ael is the founder of the Ark of knowledge and the former chaplain of London School of Economics, Imperial College, and SOAS, and Professor at University for Applied Sciences Rotterdam. His main interest is connecting people to God Almighty through the Book and the Sunna, through traditional knowledge within a contemporary framework.

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