June 10, 2019

The highest kind of supplication is the one where ask for nothing. One wherein you show the Almighty that being connected and devoted to Him is what you are truly looking for.

You ask for nothing because you are in a state in which you are so one with the will of the Almighty that you wouldn’t want to alter the course of events even if you could.

The higher sort of supplication is one wherein we don’t feel like we are telling God something He didn’t know or remind Him of something He should do.

The Infinite Wise does not need telling what is best and the Infinite Good needs no urging to do it. You must never forget that your supplication might have been the result of what happened, but never the cause.

The Infinite Wise listens to the prayers of His finite and often ignorant creatures, but He does not have to make up His mind whether He is going to change and alter the course of life because of your supplication.

The best thing you can ask from God is that He transforms you into someone He truly loves.

Abu Hasan as_Shadhili

The righteous leader ‘Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Azeez said:

I wasn’t able to find peace of mind until I said the following words: “O Allah, make me pleased with Your choice in my life. Allow me not to desire for anything you don’t want to give me now, and not to desire for anything you want to take place now to be delayed.

Ibn al_Jawzi, ‘Umar bin ‘Abd al_’Azeez

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Imam Van Ael is the founder of the Ark of knowledge and the former chaplain of London School of Economics, Imperial College, and SOAS, and Professor at University for Applied Sciences Rotterdam. His main interest is connecting people to God Almighty through the Book and the Sunna, through traditional knowledge within a contemporary framework.

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