The Prayer Course

A five week journey that will help you become transformed through your prayer

The Five Modules


The Purpose, Reality & Solution


Prayer Dimensions


The Privileges of Prayer, and Desiring it


Finding Allah most High


Prayer Strength

Learn & Apply over five modules

The course is designed to be learnt individually or  in small groups.  Each module consists of:

  • A few short videos (5-10 minutes each)
  • Discussion questions
  • Practical prayer activities

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What people are saying about the Prayer Course

Abid Abdulkhaliq


One of the best investments you will ever make in your entire life

Before the course, I felt distracted, lacking focus and khushoo in my prayer. The main benefit I got out of the course is clarity , motivation, practical steps. My favourite feature is the questions/points to reflect/act upon after each video. In the past I have used books/articles but they are soon forgotten. I would recommend the course to all muslims in the west, as we are too distracted.

Nadia Zwaenepoel


The course has motivated me a lot to pray back in time

Alhamdulillah and to be able to come closer to Allah s.w.t. I would recommend the course to everyone because the lessons are really instructive Masha Allah. Don't hesitate to follow the lessons because you can learn a lot and it 100% helps to get back more spiritual and closer to Allah s.w.t.

Mathilde Van der Velden

Active Pensionner

The course has helped me to be made aware that we are standing in front of our Creator

and that is awe inspiring. But I still need to work on remaining focussed. I would like to tell everyone that buying a snack, a drink and an ice cream is not the solution to reach our main goal but prayer is. Barak Allah feekum for the beautiful site, layout and follow up.

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The tools that help our students learn & practice 

video lessons
5-10 hours of recorded videos per course

Engaging recorded videos designed to be reviewed and applied over the course of 5 sessions. Since the courses are self-paced, students can spread them over a shorter or longer period as needed. Videos are enhanced with timed text reminders, references to verses and narrations as well as associated short videos and images.

Explanatory diagrams and lesson key take aways

Below each video, students will find lesson summaries, references and/or diagrams depending on the lesson topic. References to verses and narrations are often linked to their original reference in the Qu'ran or hadith book

The Prayer Course was created by:
Imam Van Ael

Currently, he is the imam of Kingston upon Thames mosque in London. He also regularly teaches islamic sciences with a focus on transformation through prayer at multiple venues around the London area. Furthermore, he teaches online to a variety of audiences subjects like tajwid, tafsir and Arabic.

He has been authorized in the 10 qira'at and many books of hadith, and was the first European convert to have been employed by the Government of Jordan as a khatib (Friday sermon deliverer) and Imam at the Ghufran Mosque. He holds a Bachelor in Theology and pre-Master in Islamic Mental health. His works were covered by Al Jazeera and CNN.

What are students saying about Imam Van Ael

Humaira Bajwa


I mainly liked Imam Van Ael's explanation that I'm presenting myself before the King of Kings converse with him. This course is different. It has more practical assistance.



I love the teacher's methods, of points and repeating them.

The course is so practical and easy to understand. Plus the comments (from the teacher), I learnt from them as well.

Aamina Van der Velden


A sublime approach - after having read many books and followed many courses I have never heard it in this way.

It adds such an enormous dimension to the prayer. This changes my mindset from movements to movements and spiritual experience.

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