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It’s a sermon, not a class

Very often people find sermons to be boring. The reason why is not always the content, but rather the ‘style’ of delivery. A sermon is supposed to be motivating, energetic and straight forward.

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Praying, Fasting, Zakat and Pilgrimage are not ‘new’

These four pillars, even though they existed, were nevertheless different from how we know them today. The reason behind this? Previous Prophets were sent to their people, not to the world. Their message

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Asking for Nothing

The highest kind of supplication is the one where ask for nothing. One wherein you show the Almighty that being connected and devoted to Him is what you are truly looking for.

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The Disposition of a Beggar

We can’t impress the Almighty with your prayers. We should stand in front of the Lord, humble and submitted, devoted and focused:

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The Danger of Familiarity

We are all very familiar with chapter the Opening. I remember once, on a plane, there was quite some heavy – according to my standards – turbulence. I asked someone sitting next to me –

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On your path towards Allah it is important to set priorities. If one does not set priorities, he or she will not make any progress. Some good deeds are more important than others. The importance and rank

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He loves you!

You don’t invite people you don’t love to your house, right? You don’t like them to come close to you, and you don’t engage with them unless it is necessary.

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Introduction to Prayer Management

Imam Van Ael delivered a Prayer Management Seminar at Karima Al-Marwaziyya in High Wyco

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Tip #4: Al-Malik

When you say “Allah-u-Akbar“, you are about to knock on the door of the palace of the KingImam Van Ael Realize that when you say the takbirah al-ihram that you are about to stand in front

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Tip #3: Al-Wadud

The One who loves is the One who called you to prayer! If Allah most High did not want you to meet him, would you have prayed?

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