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Tip #4: Al-Malik

When you say “Allah-u-Akbar“, you are about to knock on the door of the palace of the KingImam Van Ael Realize that when you say the takbirah al-ihram that you are about to stand in front

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Tip #3: Al-Wadud

The One who loves is the One who called you to prayer! If Allah most High did not want you to meet him, would you have prayed?

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Tip #2: Al-Qudus

Connect in your prayer by understanding the meaning of one of the names of Allah most High, Al-Qudus. Our scholars say that it’s meaning can be divided in 2 parts: Related to Allah most High

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Tip #1: Takbirah al-Ihram

In this first video, we introduce the 10 Tips for a better prayer series with a closer look at the Takbirah al-ihram.

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