Divine Worship

Divine Connection

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About this course

10 hours of teaching; Ask questions under each video; Summaries & activities; Step by step strategies; Click here for enrollment details

Course Structure


Why this course?

The reasons why this course is important:

  1. The sense of the absence of God has become a norm in the prayer of the Muslim - we will learn how to connect to God in our prayers
  2. Enjoying our prayer - we will learn how to look forward to every prayer using a method that we will apply
  3. Reclaim the purpose of praying: Why do I pray or Should I get anything out of prayer? We will answer these questions

The Meaning of Prayer (Salah)

We will look at four meanings of Salah from Arabic

  • Supplication
  • Gathering
  • Hold on to
  • Straightening
3 Lessons

Finding Allah most High

7 Steps to finding Allah most High in your prayers based on the 6 steps from Imam Ghazali