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A free course that will help you be connected with Allah most High in your prayers

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Break the Barriers

In this module, I will start with the results of a survey about the struggles people face during their prayers that I sent out to many of my students. I have created a series of short video clips to provide suggested solutions to what you indicated as your biggest struggles. 

Prayer Struggle Survey

Here I present the results of the survey

Worldly Thoughts

70 % of people said they struggle with worldly thoughts. I present some quick solutions.

Spiritual Dryness

52 % of people said they suffered from spiritual dryness. I will present some quick solutions to this here.

No Desire to Pray

35 % of people told us they do not desire to pray. Here are some quick tips to tackle this.


40.9 % of people said they suffer from routine in their prayers. Here are some quick tips to tackle this problem.

Too Many Sins

2.3 % of people said that they feel like not praying due to too many sins. Let's discuss this together.

2 Lessons

Transform your Prayers Preview

In this module, we will preview some of the lessons in level 2 of the Divine Connection Course