​​​​Session 1: The Purpose, Reality & Solution


Why this course?

The reasons why this course is important:

  • The sense of the absence of God has become a norm in the prayer of the Muslim - we will learn how to connect to God in our prayers
  • Enjoying our prayer - we will learn how to look forward to every prayer using a method that we will apply
  • Reclaim the purpose of praying: Why do I pray or Should I get anything out of prayer? We will answer these questions


The Meaning of Prayer (Salah)

We will look at four meanings of Salah from Arabic:

  • Supplication
  • Gathering
  • Hold on to
  • Straightening


Reasons we are struggling with prayer today

The 2 reasons we chose to discuss will help you tackle and solve all your problems with prayer:

  • The absence of examples like the prophet (peace be upon him) was to his companions (may Allah most High be pleased with them all) and the companions were to the tābi'een (التابعين - generations who followed the companions) to inspire us in their way of praying
  • Overdose of information with everyone telling everyone else what and how to do things although they may not have much knowledge about it, specially related to inviting to the path of Allah most High


Past Islamic Works on Prayer and Problems Today
  • The first written books after the Qu'ran was the hadith narrations. Thereafter, books emerge to tackle different problems emerging from the Muslim world
  • One common recurring topic was solving struggles with prayer
  • 2 important authors:
    • Imam al-Muhasibi (781-857)
    • Abu Talib al-Makki with Qut al Qulub (d 996)
  • 3 main problems today that require reviewing the important classical works and applying them to our current content
    • So much accent on self-centeredness
    • A world always going at a fast speed
    • A scientific view of the world

Help others be transformed through their prayer