​​​​Session 2: Prayer Dimensions


The 2 Foundational Dimensions of Prayer

They are:

  • Communicating with Allah most High
  • Encountering Allah most High

The 5 verses mentioned in the story of Musa are in chapter 20: 12-18

Principles to derive from these verses:

  • Prayer is an invitation
  • Listen attentively to what Allah most High is about to say
  • Purify your mind, heart and garment before you pray
  • Praise and communicate with your Lord, enjoying the moment
  • Share everything with your Lord


Getting ready to Encounter God


Beginning the Encounter with God Almighty


Prostrating & Completing the Encounter with God
  • You are the closest you can get to Allah most High in sujood. Therefore, show your awe and respect to Him in this most humbling position
  • Feel blessed and honored when you are in this position of a complete servant
  • Feel the highness of your Lord when you say "سبحان ربي الأعلى" and feel your insignificance
  • Beg your Lord for forgiveness when you come back from sujood
  • Confirm that you were in the unseen world with Allah most High as you say "Salam" and leave it to go back to the lower world


Communicating with God Almighty with Al Fatiha
  • When you the read the Fatiha, realize that you are talking to Allah most High and He is answering
  • Step away from yourself and listen to the words of Allah most High
  • Listen attentively and focus your heart
  • Feel that these words are from Allah most High and if sent on a mountain, the mountain would crumble


The Message of Prayer
  • Transform yourself through your prayer
  • Be sincere - will you pray on time when you are alone?
  • Be social and pray together
  • Set priorities around prayer
  • Submit our minds to Allah most High, specially during prayer

Help others be transformed through their prayer