​​​​Session 3: The Privileges of Prayer, and Desiring it


Privileges 1-3 of Prayer

Privilege no. 1:

  • As mentioned by the Qu'ran, prayer removes evil from our path and our self. Here Allah most High is referring to a prayer established in the correct way
  • Why? You are in the companionship of Allah most High

Privilege no. 2:

  • Enter an unseen world - looking through the eyes of the soul
  • How? Imagine it at the beginning until it becomes a reality

Privilege no. 3:

  • Prayer will show you your true self - what do you think about when you pray?

Your prayer life is a struggle: sometimes you are connected and sometimes you are absent


Privileges 4-6 of Prayer

Privilege no. 4:

  • Wanting more of Allah most High by experiencing true happiness

Privilege no. 5:

  • Become energized through your soul

Privilege no. 6:

  • Realize the Divine blessings and become worthy of them


Creating a Desire to Pray
  1. Start by connecting desiring to connect to Allah most High with prayer
  2. Start your Day with Allah most High by following the sunnah of the messenger of Allah who thanked Allah most High when he woke up for giving him a new day
  3. Continuously reflect on the blessings from Allah most High during your day
  4. At the night time, choose one supplication from the sunnah and reflect upon it while you are saying it


Seven Steps to Help you Stay Plugged with Prayer
  1. Never forget that you have an enemy: Shaytan. He does not want you to pray. Prayer is your war against Shaytan.
  2. Make a promise to yourself that you will pray from today onwards
  3. Create your agenda around your prayer
  4. Acknowledge that you are in need of prayer
  5. Continuously look at your blessings
  6. Keep your mind focused on the merits of prayer
  7. Enjoy the word of Allah most High


Strengthen your Desire for Prayer

From the book "The Successful Business" by Imam al-Dimyati - Narrations mentioned:

  • The prophet (peace be upon him) passed a grave and commented about the person there: "Praying two rakaat for this person is more beloved than possessing the entire world"
  • There is no sujood that you perform except that Allah most High will elevate you in rank and expiate your sins
  • The closest that a servant is to his Lord is when he or she prays
  • The best deed is that you pray when the time comes in, and the prophet (peace be upon him) repeated it twice after the companion asked twice what is the best deed after that
  • The person who performs the five pillars with excellence has paradise reserved for him
  • Between prayer to prayer, everything will be forgiven except the greater sins
  • He or she who preserves his or her prayers, then they will be a light, a proof and an escape route for him or her on the Day of judgement
  • Someone will be in paradise with whom he or she loves

Help others be transformed through their prayer