​​​​Session 4: Finding Allah most High


Getting Started with Finding Allah most High
  • Step 1: Asking/Supplicating to Allah most High to get closer to Him
  • Step 2: Presence of Heart by creating the correct physical and mental environment


On your way to finding Allah most High

Step 3: Understanding - try to connect to the meaning of the verses you are reading or hearing in terms of how it relates to you and your life

  • Use a simple explanation (tafsir) of the verses

Step 4: Exaltation of Allah most High through realizing the magnitude of Allah most High and the weakness and neediness of the human being

  • Understanding the names of Allah most High in more depth
    Know your own weaknesses and realizes your numerous needs

Step 5: Awe for Allah most High, which is not the same as fear. It is awe because of His Majesty and out of love for Him

  • The prostration of the your heart


Connecting with God most High
  • Step 6: Hope - Hoping during your prayer to be connected to Allah most High by knowing that Allah most High is Gentle with us.
  • Step 7: Shame and shyness - The knowledge that one will always fall short of thanking Allah most High. The realization that the act of thanking Him itself is a huge blessing

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