The Purpose, Reality & Solution
  1. Why this course?
  2. The Meaning of Prayer (Salah)
  3. Reasons we are struggling with prayer today
  4. Past Islamic Works on Prayer and Problems Today


Prayer Dimensions
  1. The 2 Foundational Dimensions of Prayer
  2. Getting ready to Encounter God
  3. Beginning the Encounter with God Almighty
  4. Prostrating & Completing the Encounter with God
  5. Communicating with God Almighty with Al Fatiha
  6. The Message of Prayer


The Privileges of Prayer, and Desiring it
  1. Privileges 1-3 of Prayer
  2. Privileges 4-6 of Prayer
  3. Creating a Desire to Pray
  4. Seven Steps to Help you Stay Plugged with Prayer
  5. Strengthen your Desire for Prayer


Finding Allah most High

7 Steps to finding Allah most High in your prayers based on the 6 steps from Imam Ghazali

  1. Getting Started with Finding Allah most High
  2. On your way to finding Allah most High
  3. Connecting with God most High


Prayer Strength
  1. Three Steps to Strengthen Your Prayer
  2. Abandoning all thoughts of glory of yourself
  3. Revive the Fatiha

Help others be transformed through their prayer